AMCCTV is working on a project for a successful construction company and their CCTV system upgrade. It is an ongoing project, however, some parts are already prepared and tested.

At the moment, the old system is still operational, simultaneously, the components of the new one is building up into system solution. Projected solution consists of 32 IP cameras, set up inside and outside the area. The external arrangement covers few parking areas, building perimeter and garages. The indoor part provides surveillance in the administration building and workshop structure.

This is the situation at the moment, nevertheless, we will update once the project is completed.

The work was ongoing for about a week. The existing analogue cameras were replaced in a few phases. During the process of installation, both systems were active due to the customer’s operational needs.

Here are some pics from the progress.

All the works has been done before Christmas Holiday and all 32 cameras up and running.

The perimeter and indoor surveillance integration has been achieved with 32 channel NVR and variety of 4MP IP cameras.

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