A customer running a private business, called for installation of a CCTV system. The request was based on existing cabling done by him and his friend. We have checked the possibilities for installation and customer’s requirements.

It was one of those customers, relaxed and easy to deal with. However, some of the features he was asking were 4MP and good night vision. Nevertheless, our final quote consists of 8/16 channels Videosec NVR and suitable combination of 4MP Bullet and Dome cameras.

The final design of the system is with 8 cameras. To be more precise, most of them are for perimeter security, just a couple of the cameras covering very important hallway and a room with security vice sensitive equipment.

The 8 channels’ recorder was the customer’s choice, still up-gradable with additional PoE switch up to 16 channels. Out technician has provided access on the customer’s mobile phone. Customer satisfaction was obvious.

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