Like all the other businesses, the Real Estate Agencies are in need for internal CCTV system for variety of reasons. They vary from control of the people coming in and out, out of business hours surveillance, down to assets protection and general safety of the people.

Guided by this approach, the management of the small scale real estate agency asked for a quote for the CCTV system. The agency is located in Northcote on High Street. On the balance of the possibilities and requirements, we have designed a 4 IP HD cameras system. Bearing in mind that most likely there will be no expansion of the system, we installed 4 channels Network Video Recorder. Projected size of the surveillance grade hard drive is expected to provide 20+ days of recording. In order to achieve this, our team made all adjustments and optimisation.

The internet connection in the offices is stable. Consequently, occasional access to the system is easy and convenient for the users.

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